Now TCS Work From Home for Central Government Employees End

After a lengthy gap in time, the government has now asked all employees to go to their workplaces, as it has eliminated the work from home program for them in the wake of decreasing cases of Covid-19 in the country. 

The policy was in effect since a day ago following the Union ministry of public grievances, personnel and pensions announced the change in an announcement. India has been reporting a lower numbers of cases of Covid-19, with daily infections staying under the 1 lakh mark per day.

Work From Home for Central Government Employees End

The Union ministry of personnel pensions, public grievances and personnel in a statement issued on Sunday on February 6, stated that it was decided the government would allow 100% working from homefrom 7 February Monday, following an meeting presided over by Union minister Jitendra Singh. The policy of working from home was canceled.


.Dr Jitendra Singh announced tonight that a re-examination of the situation in the pandemic was completed today. In regard to the reduction of cases of COVID and the decline in the positivity rate, it was determined that office attendance will resume from tomorrow. Employees at all levels, with any exception, must attend office regularly beginning on 7 February 2022." read the official statement of the ministry of personnel.

The minister further stated that department heads must, however, ensure that employees wear masks on their faces throughout the day and adhere to the COVID guidelines even if they work at home which can be find on TCS Helpline number too. The statement further stated.

The current guidelines will be enforced until February 15th, the ministry announced. 

This is an update to the previous Circular in which the office attendance requirement was extended until February 15th. After obtaining information from relevant quarters, and a review of this situation, a new OM (Office Memorandum) is issued by the Department of Personnel & Training (DoPT) which informs everyone across all positions, regardless of any exception, must start reporting to work from today, which is 7 February 2022. The no longer will be a "work from home" option for employees of any level."

Will TCS, Infosys, Wipro Take Cue?

A majority of IT firms including TCS were earlier planning to open their offices in January, thereby ending the rule of working from home but the Omicron coronavirus variant which caused this third round put the plan put it on hold.