Peloton CEO steps down as the company cuts 2,800 jobs

Based in located in the U.S., Sonder is a technology-driven hospitality business. It has collected $529.6 million and in the post-pandemic era where people are increasingly mobile because of remote working, similar companies are raising money to cater to the needs of the world-wide, mobile workforce.

We first wrote about NUMA Group (then called Cosi) NUMA Group (then known as Cosi) at the beginning of the year 2019 in the year it was able to raise EUR5 million to fund their "full-stack" hospitality alternative to boutique hotels. We followed up in the following year, it was able to raise EUR20 millions.

Peloton CEO steps down as the company cuts 2,800 jobs

Peloton CEO steps down as the company cuts 2,800 jobs

The company has raised additional $45 million in capital for growth, as part of an investment led by DN Capital Group (which has also invested in Auto1, HomeToGo, and Shazam previously). The co-lead investor in the round are Headline (formerly eventures). The other investors are Cherry Ventures, Soravia, Kreos Capital, TruVenturo and Scope Hanson.

NUMA offers boutique hotels with more than 2,500 units located in Berlin, Munich, Rome, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona and Vienna. It collaborates with investors developers, property owners, and operators of hotels to build technology-based properties. 

The platform was created to improve the profitability of hotel owners through automated business processes, smart pricing, and increased occupancy rates. The German-based NUMA Group expanded into Spain, Italy, Austria and the Czech Republic in 2021.

Christian Gaiser, CEO, and co-founder of NUMA Group said: "Our main aim is to set up NUMA as the leading technological and innovative solutions provider to a totally modern hotel industry in Europe. NUMA made use of the Corona pandemic to show the strength to its model of business which can see on We have achieved 500% growth in revenue and 85% occupancy of bookings in spite of Corona making use of NUMA's NUMA concept and technology that we developed ourselves."

Two of the main differences from Sonder is that from a guest perspective, NUMA is aimed at more of a broad demographic (Sonder concentrates on a larger price level) Additionally, it has announced the "tech franchise" solution called "NUMA go" where it gives third-party hoteliers access to NUMA's technology stack in exchange to earn a share of revenues.


Nenad Marovac, the founder and chief executive officer of DN Capital Group, said:  We are very impressed by NUMA's strategies, its growth and performance in a highly competitive market. 

The NUMA team responsible for NUMA has consistently delivered high occupancy rates and sustained profit for its units despite Corona. NUMA's business model provides an attractive risk-reward balance for real estate agents operators and operators. And, more importantly, a totally contemporary travel experience for travellers.