When Will Spider-Man: No Way Home Start Streaming?

Spider-Man the Movie: The Last Way Home is currently dominating the box office , as fans go to the theaters to see the Spider-Man trio consisting of Tobey Maguire Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland team-up against villains from the Multiverse. 

To date, the MCU threequel has easily crossed the billion-dollar mark, making $1.74 billion worldwide. Although No Way Home is still dominating the box office, a few fans are eager to watch the film from the comforts of home.

After the film is in theaters for over six weeks, there's a mystery remains about the timeline of its release and its release date on Disney+. Marvel fans are informed they No Way Home's debut on the House of Mouse's streaming platform is not likely in the near future, mostly due to the deals signed with Sony Pictures in the past.

However, No Way Home is scheduled to be released on digital sooner than originally planned, since it was announced that it would be available for purchase online through Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play, and Vudu beginning on February 28, 2022.

It's a completely different story with No Way Home's streaming release. The primary piece of puzzle that will be streaming is disclosed in a recent interview with.

No Way Home's Streaming Release Date Window Revealed

Spider-Man The Spider-Man: No Way Home Characters

Starz Director of Operations Jeffrey Hirsch confirmed in a recent Lionsgate earnings call, which was broadcast via Deadline the company's CEO Jeffrey Hirsch, the fact that Spider-Man: No Way Home will begin streaming exclusively on Starz in the coming six months.

In a discussion about the behavior of the audiences on Starz, Hirsch casually confirmed that the date of film's Starz launch window occur sometime between now and the end of August 2022:

On the other hand, on the linear side there are people scrolling through the channels , and there are many more films than original shows on cyber flix. The best shows are those that you can put and related content so that you can convert customers who are watching Spider-Man to one of your original series."

The streaming release of No way Home streaming release Starz will be one of the benefits of Sony Pictures' Pay 1 partnership with the streaming service. This Pay 1 window allows Starz to gain exclusive streaming rights for the film within its normal video-on-demand window.

Looking Ahead to No Way Home's Disney+ Release

This streaming release window of six months of No Way Home is not like MCU releases such as Black Widow, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Eternals. In addition to being made through Sony Pictures, the reason behind the long wait for the streaming release of the film could be the current dominance of the film in its box-office.

Sony could have decided to keep the run of No Way Home in theaters, despite its rumored digital release to ensure that it continues to climb up the ranks of the top-ranked box office of all time. It currently stands at $1.74 billion There's a good chance the studio hopes to secure a $2 billion revenue for the third installment.

The delay of Morbius' release until April 2022 has further confirmed this assertion, indicating that Sony could go all-in to help No Way Home's historic box office success.

On the other hand it's possible of logistical issues arising from the release time of six months. As of right now, Sony has yet to confirm the physical release. That means streaming services like Starz must wait until the official publication of No Way Home prior to making the leap into streaming.


Although No Way Home is Sony's final film that will be released on Starz The streaming service can still benefit from its launch, especially following the overwhelming positive reviews from critics and fans for the third installment.